Metal Banner Art

Stone Carver Banner by Adam Barr

Tenino Metal Banner Art 

The City of Tenino Creative District and the Art, Recreation, Culture and History (ARCH) Commission announced that were creating a new public metal banner art project and holding a design contest. 

“The goal is to provide imagery that represents the history, culture, recreation and/or natural beauty of Tenino.  Celebrating what makes a place special both in the past and in the present makes a strong community and a great place to visit. We think 23 pieces of public art will help us do that” said Mayor Wayne Fournier.  Subsequently, the commission received 63 submissions.  19 designs that spoke to Tenino's unique culture were chosen.  Four additional designs that the commission felt were essential were created collaboratively by Donna Mayo, Jessica Reeves-Rush & Tammy Schroder Towers.  Those pieces were: The Salish Basket, Tenino Depot Museum, Wooden Money, and Bucky the Beaver.

Here are the artists and themes in no particular order:

Theme Artist
Cows go Moo" Veronica Haworth
Dancing Through Life" (Theater) Veronica Haworth
Going West" Veronica Haworth
Splashing in the Quarry" Veronica Haworth
Therapy Ride" Motorcycle Veronica Haworth
Beauty of the Trees Marilyn Murch
Biking Through Beauty Wendy Davis
Butterfly Maria Friedrich
Camas Lynn Carey
City Hall Wendy Davis
Elk Bugle Maria Friedrich
Farming Maria Friedrich
Oregon Trail Days Lindsay Taylor
Stone Carver Adam Barr
The Pioneer Marilyn Murch
Trout Maria Friedrich
Wolf Haven Maria Friedrich
The First Tenino (Train) Ash Stone
Tenino Knights Adam Barr


This public art project is funded in part by the Washington State Arts Commission Certified Creative Districts Capital Projects Program.

For more information contact Jessica Reeves-Rush, P.A.R.C Specialist or George Sharp , Tenino Creative District Manager gsharp [at]


Tenino's Metal Banners