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Shared Vision

This capstone document is an expression of the City Council's vision with an unlimited horizon.  It is a capstone document because it drives the development of all other planning documents.

Municipal Code

The city publishes Ordinances each year as required by various statutes.  In January of each year, the City begins the process of codifying the previous year's ordinances both on-line and in print.  These codifications are published as "Supplements to the Tenino Municipal Code."  Once so updated, the Municipal Code is as current as possible until publication of a subsequent ordinance; then the process of updating begins again. 


Ordinances are limited to a single subject and are intended to last for long periods of time.  They are also used to accord the highest degree of formality, that is, process, for actions that are specified by statute (the Municipal Budget, for example, is adopted via Ordinance, but is not codified as explained, above.)  Any search for what "the code says" is incomplete if the uncodified ordinances are not checked.


Resolutions are published with slightly less formality than ordinances and usually involve subject matter that is subject to frequent change.  For example, each year the City reviews its Fee Schedule.  If an update is required or desired, the Fee Schedule is amended via the adoption of a Resolution.  Resolutions are not codified but are numbered sequentially beginning each new year for reference.


Polices are published to amplify details previously adopted by either Ordinance or Resolution.  They are also published to provide guidance in the absence of statute, ordinance, resolution, or another rule.

The adoption of policies is a shared responsibility of theMayor and the City Council.  The Mayor, in has capacity of Chief Executive, may issue policy guidance on a wide variety of subjects and those policies are binding on City Employees.  The City Council has sole policy-making authority regarding anything that affects the City's finances or employee salaries and benefits.


Both the Mayor and the City Council may issue Proclamations from time to time on any number of subjects.  Usually, a Proclamation is used to make a statement of support, or general policy, or to recognize an organization or an individual, or to promote a public purpose.

Meeting Publications

Meeting publications including agendas, minutes, packets and videos can be viewed here.