Emergency Preparedness

Evacuation Levels

Wondering what to do in an emergency in Thurston County?  

  • First sign up for TC Alert.  This local alert system only sends texts when there is something you need to know about in your area.  
  • Thurston County Emergency Management has a wealth of information about how to be prepared for an emergency.  
  • Get 2-weeks ready. It used to be recommended that citizens be ready to survive without aid for 3 days.  Now, 2 weeks are recommended.  But don't be overwhelmed.  The "Prepare in a Year Pamphlet" in Supporting Documents breaks down monthly tasks over a year's time.  
    • Know the Hazards in your area.
    • Map your neighborhood and know multiple escape routes.
    • Have enough food and water to survive for 2 weeks.
    • Put together an Emergency Kit.
    • Know where your important documents are and store copies on the cloud.
    • Make a contact list for friends and family that isn't stored in your phone.  Have one contact person out of state.