City Water System

Conserving Water

The City, by ordinance, operates the water purification and distribution system for the City.  If a property is within 200' of a water supply line, the City shall provide a metered connection to the water system.  The landowner is responsible for the water supply system from the meter to the premises, therefore, it is extremely important that the property owner be vigilant with respect to leaks...the property owner is responsible for the cost of water lost to any leak between the meter and the premises.

Meters are read monthly and users are charged for service by both type of connection, as well as volume of water used.  Rates are as set forth in the most current Consolidated Fee Schedule.

Emergency Phone Number: (360) 264.2370 
Please call if you see water leaks around your connection boxes or along buried pipes.


If you need your water shut off at the meter, you must call the city; the homeowner must not attempt to turn water service to house off or on at the meter. If it is determined the valve mechanism has been tampered with, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

Establishing Service / Billing Questions

To establish water service or get answers to questions about your utility bill, please visit our Utilities Page.

Call Before You Dig!

Tenino subscribes to the 811 "One Call" utility locator service.  Save time, headache, and expense by calling before you dig!!