Sewer System

Sewer Responsibilities

The City built a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in 2009.  Since then, every parcel of land in the City that has a requirement for the disposal of human waste must be connected to the sewer system.

The City has established a sewage collection system that begins at the grinder pump that services the property.  Some properties are served by a single pump, and some properties share a pump.  No pump may have more than two input sources.  It is the City's responsibility to ensure sewage is pumped through the collection system to the WWTP.  It is the landowner's responsibility to maintain from the grinder pump to the house.

Emergency phone number: (360) 264.2370 
Please call when the alarm is going off.
How to silence the alarm?  The button is at the bottom of the electrical box (just push). Once you have silenced the alarm, you must still call the emergency number.

Sewer Do's and Don'ts

  • Never flush disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, Q-tips®, toilet cleaning pads, mop or Swiffer® type refills, paper towels, moist towelettes, sanitary napkins or tampons, any consumer item that is not toilet paper.
  • Never pour grease down sink drains.
  • Never flush grease or oils down the toilet.

Establishing Sewer Service / Billing Questions

To establish service, or to get answers about your utility bill, please visit our Utilities page.

Call Before You Dig!

Tenino subscribes to the 811 "One Call" utility locator service.  Save time, headache, and expense by calling before you dig!!