Streets and Sidewalks

Emergency Phone Number: (360) 264.2370 
Please call only in the event of a truly dangerous situation regarding street or sidewalk conditions, downed trees, or any situation that creates an immediate hazard.

For non-emergencies, please submit a Citizen's Action Request.  Most such requests are acted upon within about three work days.

Special Events/Use Permits

Organizations (or individuals) who sponsor any event that plans on using any roadway, sidewalk, or Public Space in the City, must have an approved Special Events or Special Use Permit. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis and are acted upon within two business days of receipt.  Some permits have specific requirements for insurance, which the applicant must obtain, prior to a permit being issued.  All costs for such permits are in the Consolidated Fee Schedule and applications must be accompanied for cash or check in the full amount.  Applications not accompanied by payment in full will not be acted on.